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What is a Deemed Election and How Does it Affect Your Employee Retention Credit Refund?

Deemed Elections_ERC

Are you a fitness business owner? Then, you know that hiring instructors is a crucial decision. One of the key choices you’ll face is whether to classify them as employees or independent contractors. In this post, we’ll help you navigate this decision by exploring the factors you should consider, the risks involved, and when it’s suitable to use each option. Get ready to make an informed choice!

How Much Cash Can You Get Back From The Employee Retention Credit?

Is ERC Worth the Hassle

If you’re anything like our current clients, you’re probably skeptical of just how much you can get back in tax refunds and credits from the Employee Retention Credit.  $34,000? $116,000? $365,000!? These are real numbers! More importantly, these are real amounts of cash being received by fitness businesses and gyms across the country thanks to […]

Is The Employee Retention Credit Worth The Hassle?

Employee Retention Credit for Gyms

Like most good things in life, you have to ask yourself:  Is the reward worth the effort?  When it comes to getting that last wrinkle out of your linen shirt, we’d say the answer is probably “no”.  If we’re talking about potentially receiving tens of thousands of dollars back for your business after an incredibly […]

Recovery Startup Business For The Employee Retention Credit

Recovery Start Up Business ERC

Started a Business in 2020 or 2021? You May Qualify as a Recovery Startup Business For The Employee Retention Credit If you started a business just prior to, or during, the pandemic… we’re sorry?  But in all seriousness, congratulations on achieving a big milestone during such a tumultuous time. And we may have some encouraging […]

Join Free Virtual Event: The Fitness CPA x Club Industry Future of Fitness 2021

Eric Killian, CPA of The Fitness CPA will be a guest speaker during Club Industry’s Future of Fitness 2021 Virtual Event on Wednesday, June 16, 2021.  If you aren’t aware of Club Industry yet, you’re going to want to check them out. They are a knowledge powerhouse within the fitness industry, covering content from trending […]

Why are gyms and fitness businesses getting back SO much money from the employee retention credit?

Employee Retention Credit for Gyms

 Would you rather watch than read? Join us over on YouTube!   If you’re anything like our current clients, you’re probably skeptical of why so much money in tax refunds and credits is available from the Employee Retention Credit.   “I thought, “No Way!?” Is this a prank? We’re getting back $116, 323! The […]

Why You Haven’t Heard About The Employee Retention Credit Yet

Employee Retention Credit vs PPP

“Why haven’t I heard about ERC like I have PPP?” This is a common question we get when it comes to the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). If we think back to 2020, it feels like PPP 1.0 and PPP 2.0 dominated every accountant-led conversation.   I know we certainly wrote an endless amount of content […]

Why Gym, Studio, & Fitness Owners Qualify for Thousands in ERC $$$ (even if you don’t think you do)

ERC for Gyms

Have you heard the phrase “ERC” being thrown about?  It stands for: Big Money Is On The Table For Your Business To Grab.   Ok, not really.  ERC stands for Employee Retention Credit. But in all seriousness, it probably does mean tens of thousands of dollars in the form of a refund check for your business.  […]