ENERGY is what motivates us - and you.

We believe in being physical, and being fit in yourself and in your business.

We're motivated

It’s a new experience of working with an accountant. An entire team of people who ‘get’ you – who you are, why you started this fitness business, and what you want to achieve with it.
We are passionate about all types of fitness in our personal lives too. We’ve experienced a lifetime of passion for fitness: high school sports, weightlifting, cycling, crossfit, yoga, weight and body image issues.
We get that it’s not just about being more fit, running more, loosing pounds, eating healthy… it’s how fitness affects the rest of your life. It’s how your fitness business affects you and your members personally.
That’s where our motivation comes from. Energized, enthusiastic fitness business owners – like you.


You're motivated

It’s hard to run a small business, have employees, provide for your family and save for the future. You’ve invested massively – in money, energy and time – and you’ve placed a large bet on your fitness business. You’re looking at your competitors, wondering which direction to go in the business, even questioning your own decisions at times.
But you know you’ve created something incredible and so you want to understand your business and have confidence that you are making the right moves necessary to succeed. You want know if your investment is on the right track and if the cash will be there to stay open, expand, or sell your business.
Most of all, you’re motivated by your members. They inspire you with their success stories: and you want one of your own.


Eric Killian, CPA

I grew up with this mentality. When I was five my father started his own accounting business. He taught me to believe in self reliance.

You provide for yourself and make a living. I’ve always had some entrepreneurial element in my own life. But I also grew up playing sports, lifting weights, cycling, running and being outdoors. I loved being active and staying healthy. I soon discovered that my passion for fitness and business was the perfect combination that could help fitness entrepreneurs. Now I’m eager to help owners of fitness businesses get to the place they want to be, too.


You can only do so much on your own. But when you have a support team come together, you can do a lot more. The Fitness CPA team gives depth and strength to this business relationship: you’re not alone.

Michelle Foster, CPA

Natalie Knott

Lucy Paul

We have this passion for the fitness industry. We spend hours in it and only feel more energized.



Studio Owners

Do what you love, with profits and cash.

Yoga Studios

You’re not content to stay small. You want to grow.

Fitness Franchisees

Big opportunities are before you: are you making the most of them?


Better understand your franchisees operations, results and help make them better.

Multi Unit Groups

You know how to operate, you see the big picture and now you’re ready for your next location.


(Even if your finances don’t)


on what you’re great at.
(We do too.)


accurate & on time info to manage your business.
(We’ll get it to you.)


your business forward relentlessly.
(We get it.)