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As the #1 accounting firm for fitness businesses and dance studios, The Fitness CPA has worked with many studio owners in your same shoes.

Why Dance Studio Owners Choose The Fitness CPA

We get that no one opens a dance studio without loving it first. We love it too! But unfortunately passion and motivation doesn’t always translate to memberships. Our clients come to us for the meaningful numbers they need to understand, plan, and grow their studios to maximum success.


We're Experts In Dance Studio Accounting

Make Your Studio More Profitable

After years of experience in the fitness industry, we love helping dance studios make decisions to become more profitable. We’ll help you find gaps in cashflow and opportunities for growth you may not see.

Alleviate Your Debt Worries

With heavy capital outlay and slim profit margins, it can feel at times that you’ll never swim out of debt. We help studio owners manage their financial debt smarter and put strategies in place to knock it down faster.

Get Back Time In Your Day

As a studio owner, you have enough to do without having to worry about cash flow or record keeping. We deliver financial reports directly to your inbox each month to give you clarity into your business without lifting a finger.

Get An Answer To Every Question

At The Fitness CPA, we’ll be your first call when tackling the tough decisions. Whether you have one question or twenty, we’re always an email or phone call away to help you understand your business more clearly.

Don't Take Our Word For It. Ask One Of Our Many Clients:


“Eric and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and professional. They go out of the their way to educate me every year on the details of my return, how and why it changes (tax laws, etc), and things that are important to remember/account for in my business. They provide an extremely personal touch to a process that can otherwise feel daunting.”
Keri Bergeron

Grow Your Dance Studio With The Fitness CPA

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