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Introducing Bookkeeping for Gyms
& Fitness Studios

We save fitness owners an average 15 hours a month in tedious, boring yet essential reporting. Get the reports you need to monitor your business financials, apply for small business loans, accurately file taxes & proactively grow your business without lifting a finger. Get back to doing what you do best.

How Does It Work?

Here's what you can expect with The Fitness CPA

You'll share important accounts logins with us

such as bank accounts, payroll and you financial books, etc.

We'll go over your existing books.

Haven’t looked at them for months? Don't worry, we'll help clean the slate.

Next, we'll set you up on Xero.

This is where we'll keep track of your daily income vs. expense transactions.

We'll post your sales, payroll and reconcile

your books to your bank account to make sure everything is in order.

You'll receive month-end financial statements

and our recommendations for financial improvement.



Here’s what you can expect:

Bookkeeping for Gyms Icon_The Fitness CPA

Increase your memberships

Is one of your core problems gaining members? You want to make sure you’re adding members consistently, but we go further. We’ll look at how every new member will increase profitability and cash flow.

Bookkeeping for Gyms Icon 2_The Fitness CPA

Make friends with the IRS

How will your fitness business stay safe from the big bad government? Pay the tax you have to, but no more. Get a better relationship with the IRS than the one you have now.

Bookkeeping for Gyms Icon 3_The Fitness CPA

Gain a relatable accountant

You deserve an accountant who has a passion for fitness and years of experience serving fitness businesses. Whether you choose to work with us, or seeking one-time fitness business advice, we’re here to help.

Bookkeeping for Gyms Icon 4_The Fitness CPA

Let go of invoices & payroll

You find yourself always behind on bookkeeping, dreading your next payroll and you’re not clear what your business is doing. With The Fitness CPA, your financials will always be up-to-date.

Bookkeeping for Gyms Icon 5_The Fitness CPA

Improve your current cash flow

Are you actually getting any of your hard earned money? Where is it all going, and how can you make sure it’s going to the right places?

Bookkeeping for Gyms Icon 6_The Fitness CPA

Understand your business

You understand fitness, but your knowledge of operating goals, break even numbers, and bookkeeping in general is preventing you from growth. We’ll help you define success, and get there.

Pay as you grow

Fitness Studio & Gym Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping For Gyms Tablet_The Fitness CPA

We get it – small business owners don’t usually have

spare cash laying around. That’s why we’re flexible in

our pricing depending on your size & requirements.

When you grow, we grow.

Our bookkeeping for gyms & fitness studio services

start at $500 / mo and grow from there.


What’s not to love about more hours in your day and more money saved on taxes? We’re not sure. But in the rare chance you’re not happy after 90 days we offer a money back guaranteed. No questions asked.

We’re different than the bookkeeping services you’re used to.

We’re human… and it’s personal for us. We care about our clients’ success, and always respond to messages or calls in one business day or less.

What our clients say!

Maj-Lis Delgado

“I just thought that a CPA was someone to keep track of my taxes but that is really only the tip of the iceberg. Eric and team spend time looking at the overall story painted by our financials and have in-depth conversions with me about what they see and any obstacles I may be facing.”
Maj-Lis Delgado, Yoga Pod Fort Collins


My accounts are really messy. Is that going to cost extra?

We offer Bookkeeping Catch Up services to make it easy to get your books on track before moving forward. Once this is taken care of, we offer fixed monthly pricing so you know what to expect each and every month

How much is it going to cost me?

Our bookkeeping services range depending on the size & intricacies of your business. Our monthly packages start as low as $500 and go up from there. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to get a more accurate quote for your business.

Is my business big enough?

If you have income and expenses and you file taxes, then your business is big enough! We help gyms and studios of all shapes and sizes organize and grow their business.

Estimate your time & cost savings of ditching the books.

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