We Help Cycling Studios Increase Profitability

As the #1 accounting firm for fitness businesses and cycling studios, The Fitness CPA has worked with many studio owners in your same shoes.

Why Cycling Studios Choose The Fitness CPA

We know that opening a cycling studio seemed easier than it really is. In reality, it’s pretty darn hard! We help cycling studio owners navigate the competitive industry, alleviate cashflow worries, and grow business more quickly.


We're Accountants Who Understand The Life Of a Cycling Studio Owner

Make Your Cycling Studio More Profitable

After years of experience in the fitness industry, we love helping cycling studios make decisions to become more profitable. We’ll help you find gaps in cashflow and opportunities for growth you may not see.

Alleviate Your Debt Worries

With heavy capital outlay and slim profit margins, it can feel at times that you’ll never swim out of debt. We help cycling studio owners manage their financial debt smarter and put strategies in place to knock it down faster.

Focus On The Studio

As a cycling studio owner, you have enough to do without having to worry about cash flow or record keeping. We deliver financial reports directly to your inbox each month to give you clarity into your business without lifting a finger.

Spend More Time With Family

We know what it’s like to work 12 hour days – managing every small detail of a small business. With The Fitness CPA, we take bookkeeping and ongoing financial work off of your plate so you can go home a bit earlier most days.

There Is A Good Chance We Work With Your Peers Already


“Insanely friendly, never ending knowledge (they literally know everything), and they respond to all questions very quickly.”
Zach Whitmer, Cyclebar

Finally, an Accountant Who Understands Cycling Studios

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