Easier & Faster Payroll
For Gyms & Fitness Businesses

We make it easier to track employee hours, automate payroll taxes,
and stay compliant with our affordable payroll
service that’s built just for gyms.


From automated payroll taxes to time-tracking management, we handle the A to Z of monthly payroll with our comprehensive payroll services.

One-Click Payroll Runs
Automatic Payroll
Tax Payments
Pay Independent
Contractors in Payroll
Multiple Locations
Customizable Hours,
Pay Rates, Deductions
Time Tracking Approvals
Secure Employee Portal
Time Off and Sick
Leave Management
Quick and Smooth Setup

So you can save time and money each month

Never Worry About Payroll Taxes Again

Never Worry About Payroll Taxes Again

Payroll taxes can't get any easier, because you'll never have to worry about them again. At The Fitness CPA, we pay all federal, state and local taxes for your business so you can focus on sales and growth.

Compliance, Accuracy & Peace of Mind - Guaranteed

Compliance, Accuracy & Peace of Mind - Guaranteed

Payroll errors can be costly - for your mind and wallet. With The Fitness CPA, we stay on top of changing regulations to ensure your business is always compliant and penalty-free. We're so confident, we'll pay any associated fines and penalties for filing errors on our behalf, no questions asked.

Simplify The Complexities Of Payroll

Simplify The Complexities Of Payroll

Payroll in the fitness industry can be complex and varied We make it easy to pay independent contractors, approve time-tracking, share pay stubs and more with our easy-to-use system.

Payroll Made Easier & Faster
With The Fitness CPA

Sync Hours
Sync your team's hours
Review & Approve
Review and approve hours
and time-off
Voila! With the click of a button,
your pay is on its way.

We're Not Like The Payroll Providers
You're Used To

Lean On Your Accountant

Unlike the payroll providers you’re used to, we don’t own a 1-800 phone number for support. Reach out to your dedicated accountant – who already knows the ins and outs of your business – whenever you get stuck.

Efficiently Managed By You OR Us!

While we make running payroll easier than ever, our in-house payroll service takes it one step further. If you don’t want to key into our easy-to-use system, our payroll team can handle it all for you each month.

Built For Fitness - Without the Extras

At The Fitness CPA, our job is to save you money. When using our payroll services, you’ll never pay for confusing extras or sales add-ons. Instead, get only what you need at an affordable monthly price.

Payroll Tax Accuracy Guaranteed

If you receive a notice from the IRS, or any other tax agency, based on a filing that we made, we’ll work to resolve the issue on your behalf.  And, if we’re at fault, we’ll pay all the associated penalties and finesguaranteed.

We've helped hundreds of fitness businesses take payroll off of their plate.


“I have used Eric and his team for payroll since 2015. The biggest difference between their group and prior accounting firms I have used in the past is their individualized, personal approach towards their clients. They help their clients understand different aspects of the finances, as well as give suggestions on how to do things more efficiently and cost effectively. Of all the accountants I have used in the last twenty years, they have been by far the best. I would give the more stars if I could!”
Robert H.


Is it easy to switch from my current provider?

Yes, we make switching a snap and do all of the hard work for you. No one likes change, but getting all your accounting services under one roof has never been easier.

What is the setup process like?

Once you’re signed up we do all the heavy lifting by moving your data over for you. From there you’ll get a secure login and you can start entering as soon as your next pay period.

Will The Fitness CPA pay my payroll taxes for me?

We pay all federal, state and local taxes for your business. We do all the hard work and stay up to date on the latest tax regulations so you can focus on running your gym or fitness studio. If there is ever a filing error on our behalf, we'll not only rectify it at no cost, but we'll also cover all fees and penalties, no questions asked.

Let's Face It - Payroll Is a Pain.
Let Us Make It Easier.

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