Meet our Team. We understand the exhilaration you feel helping members get and stay fit.

Fitness is an important part of our lives, too!

Eric Killian, CPA & Founder

Accountant, husband, father, mountaineer and yes… pirate.

Fitness is such a big part of who I am. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating well (mostly paleo), hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, practicing yoga and Crossfit are all important cornerstones of life. But I love ice cream and cookies too much to say no!

I love helping owners make sense of their business and finding ways to grow it. It’s an honor to help you see situations, scenarios and opportunities from all sides so you can make informed decisions.

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Michelle Foster, CPA

Scuba diver, tennis player, baker, world traveler, and most importantly, wife and mommy!

I love to scuba dive! There isn’t much diving in Pennsylvania, so my back up fitness fix is tennis.

I love puzzles and problem solving, so helping owners with their challenges and opportunities is a perfect fit for me. Understanding your needs is such an important part of what I do, and I’m proud to go above and beyond to help! Working virtually makes that so easy. Owners often ask me, “Were you really working in the middle of the night?” and I tell them, “Yes – you caught me!”

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Natalie Knott

Wife, mom of three kiddos, dog momma and beach lover!

I love sports! All sports! In my past I’ve played basketball, softball, volleyball, and ran track. It’s very hard for me to now sit quietly on the sidelines as I watch my kids play…..I want to be out there playing or coaching. A close second to that is working out at the gym, which I really enjoy.

Working with our team to help our owners tackle challenges is what I enjoy most. Whether it’s running payrolls, taking care of bookkeeping, creating financial statements or answering questions, I love helping owners do things more efficiently.

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Lucy Mayer, CPA

Dog lover, yogi, skydiver, and traveler.

I do yoga to manage the balance of my body and keep me mentally and physically grounded; however, in my free time I’m a skydiver. I hold three female state records in large formation skydiving and a silver medal from the 2017 United States Parachute Associations (USPA) National Competition in 8-way Formation Skydiving.

I enjoy connecting with clients on a personal level – taking time to get to know each of our owners and understand how your business impacts your personal life. My role is to empower you when making decisions. I’m the good kind of back seat driver!

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