Up-To-Date Books = A Better Night's Sleep

We lift the weight off fitness owners by tackling out of date, disorganized financial books. After we’re done, you’ll see how much money is coming in, where it’s being spent, and how you can improve profitability every month going forward. Now that’s worth something.

To Have Reliable Books When You Need Them

Improve Business Profitablity

Improve Business Profitablity

With a complete and accurate financial picture of your business, you'll know where money is going to improve profitability every month.

Plan For Key Deals

Plan For Key Deals

Whether loan refinancing, investor due diligence, business valuation and other - be prepared and ready for life's unexpected moments.

Save Thousands

Save Thousands

Clients behind on their books lose an average $6,000 in deductions each year. Save $2,000 or more by simply getting caught up on books.

3 Easy Steps With The Fitness CPA

Share Logins
You'll share your account logins with us such as bank accounts, payroll, and your financial books.
A Few Questions
We'll go over your books and ask you a few questions along the way.
A few weeks later, your books are caught up.


Here’s how easy we make the process.

Don't Break The Bank

Catching up on a year’s worth of books is not that much work for our experienced team. Based on the needs and size of your business, we offer flexible payment options for every situation.

Avoid Long Term Contracts

We’re in the business of adding value to your business – guaranteed. That’s why we don’t lock our customers into long term contracts. The last thing we want is for you to stick around if you’re not satisfied.

Get To Know Us - Hassle Free!

Our direct, straightforward style isn’t for everyone. Let’s jump on a free introductory call to make sure it’s the best fit for both of us. We’ll discuss what’s needed to get caught up on work and create a custom quote from there.

We've helped hundreds of businesses get their messy books in shape


“We have been working with The Fitness CPA for 6 months now and couldn’t be happier. Insanely friendly, never ending knowledge ( they literally know everything ) they respond to all questions very quickly, and the biggest thing is that they actually care about your business. You aren’t just a number to them. They have your back every single day. We are so glad to have them on our side!”
Zach Whitmer, Cycle Bar



My books are a really big mess, are you sure you can help?

Trust us - we've seen it all! Most of our new clients' books need lots of help and that's OK. It's what we're here for. Leave it with us and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

How long will it take to get caught up?

To catch up on a year's worth of books typically takes our team just a few weeks. For an expedited fee, we can prioritize your work even faster.

Do I have to send over my documents every month?

With The Fitness CPA, say goodbye to downloading statements and sending documents each month. With secure, read-only access to your important numbers, we'll rarely have to bother you for the data. Don't worry, if you want to talk to us, you can still reach out any time.

Don't put it off longer, get caught up now.

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