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Fitness businesses are hard. We give you the best possible chance to succeed.

Where NPE Leaves

Your fitness business is up and running. Operations are under control. You even have a few hours left over this week to take a look at the books. Ten hours later, you’re waist deep in expenses – wondering why cash flow is so low again this month. Sound familiar?

...The Fitness CPA
Picks Up

From working with NPE, you know how important it is to keep track of the financials. With over ten years in the fitness industry, we help fitness business owners monitor monthly expenses, prepare timely financial reports, accurately file taxes and steer the books for growth.

The Missing Link To a Stronger Gym

Clients who join The Fitness CPA save an average 15 hours a month in tedious, yet essential reporting and over $6,000 per year in tax strategy deductions. Here are just a few of the ways we help.

Make Every Dollar Count

Make Every Dollar Count

As a fitness business owner, you have enough to worry about without counting the piggy bank each month. That's our job. We help clients manage their cash flow by zeroing in on spending habits each month.

Make Better Strategic Decisions

Make Better Strategic Decisions

It's hard to know how to grow your business if you're not sure where it stands. With managed monthly financials, you'll know when it's time to hire new employees. You'll know when it's time to raise prices. You'll learn when it's the right time to expand.

Get the Data You Can't Live Without

Get the Data You Can't Live Without

As a growing business, there's always calculations to be done. We provide the reports you need to file accurate taxes, apply for small business loans and more importantly, evaluate your business for expansion and growth.

Are You Leaving Revenue On The Table?

Save thousands of dollars for your fitness business with our 8 Ways To Increase Revenue Guide.

Don't Take Our Word For It

When you join The Fitness CPA, you’re joining hundreds of gyms, yoga studios,

cycling studios and more – you know, people like you.


Joel Gratz

Boulder, CO

"There are a lot of things I worry about when running my business, but financial matters are not one of those things thanks to The Fitness CPA"


Joel Gratz

Yoga Pod College Station

College Station, Texas

"If you don't have an accountant, then you need to hire the Fitness CPA. And if you HAVE an accountant, then you need to switch to The Fitness CPA."


Tom Brimeyer

Forefront Health

Boulder, CO

"It only took one phone call and I can say that I've never looked back."


Alex Jarboe

Yoga Pod Gainesville, NW & SW

Multiple Locations Gainesville, Florida

"If I could add more stars, I would. This team is simply phenomenal!"


Janice Tower

Tower Coaching

Anchorage, AK

"Eric Killian is a lifeboat on a stormy sea."


Keri Bergeron

Evolve Physical Therapy

Denver, CO

"They provide an extremely personal touch to a process that can otherwise feel daunting."

Great businesses that have benefited from working with us

How We’ll Kick It Off

These first few months are crucial. We'll be in touch regularly to ensure we build the best foundation for success. Here's what you can expect:


Kickoff Meeting

Assigned a real person on our team

Bank Account Setup

Xero Setup

Payroll Setup

Dropbox Setup


Get rid of your baggage

Fix any messes

Process first payroll

Setup Payment


The Fitness CPA accounting mindmap

Your concern/pain points/top issues put on our radar


Books are caught up

Laying the financial foundation meeting


Monthly financial statements delivered timely

How it's going?


Proactive tax planning

Quarterly strategy and advisory meetings

A Few Videos To Get Started

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One-time-only Offer of $500 Off Monthly Services.

Enjoy a single use of $500 off your monthly accounting services with The Fitness CPA as a valuable member of the NPE community.