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Opening a Gym or Fitness Studio in 2021? Part I: Read This First

We recently made a guest appearance over on the popular podcast, All Things Franchising, where we shared our insight on opening a gym in 2021 and the future of the fitness industry. If you haven’t tuned in yet, All Things Franchising is hosted by Linda Ballesteros of Mpower Franchise Consulting, a consulting company that helps new […]


Gyms Will Rebound in 2021

What a year it was. As we turn the corner into 2021, the lingering question on every gym owner’s mind is: what happens next? Will virtual workouts rule the world? Or are gym goers aching to get back into their in-person gym routine? We’re here to share the good news: the fitness industry is getting […]


PPP Round 2.0 $$$ and More Government Help That You Deserve

No fluffy introduction here. You know the deal. If you’re here then you’re a fitness business that needs the skinny on how the new tax bill impacts your business and how to get the most upside from it. So, let me give you the need-to-know info without all the confusing details. Skip ahead to a […]


The Fitness Business Podcast – How to Boost Profits in 2021

We recently made a guest appearance over on a popular fitness podcast, The Fitness Business Podcast. If you haven’t tuned in yet, The Fitness Business Podcast discusses professional development for fitness business owners & managers, such as marketing, brand development, retention, customer service and more. You can check out their podcast series here & the […]


Are Gyms Required to Buy Labor Law Posters?

Whether you’ve just opened a new fitness business or you’ve owned one for multiple years, you likely continue receiving these strange notices in the mail: “Buy these workplace posters to display around your gym or be penalized with hefty fines and lawsuits.” The jargon is usually wordier than that… …and almost always accompanied by nice […]


How To Register for a New California Sales Tax License (a Step-by-Step Walk Through for Fitness Businesses)

Congratulations! You’re opening a new gym, Crossfit box, HIIT, cycling, yoga, or other fitness studio in California and you need to register for a sales tax license. We’ve registered more than 100 businesses across the nation so we understand how confusing the process can be, especially if this is your first time.  By the end […]


Adding COVID-19 To Your Gym Liability Waiver

You may remember the guys over at NEXO Fitness Solutions from a previous blog post when we spoke about small changes that add up to big changes in a fitness business. They are our go-to experts for everything insurance and equipment financing, with decades of experience focused purely in the fitness industry. Today, they are […]


How to Stop Missing Credit Card Payments

As a new fitness business owner, swiping a credit card is all too easy. “It’s on the business.” “Time to change out this dinosaur treadmill.” “Lunch is on me!” A couple quick swipes of a credit card and you’re the proud new owner of the latest Elliptical X 3.0 and a room full of other […]


PPP: Why You Shouldn’t Complete the Forgiveness Application

We’ve had several clients ask recently about the PPP loan forgiveness application. When are applications due? Have I missed the application form? Can The Fitness CPA complete it? We can understand the urge to put the rollercoaster of the Paycheck Protection Program firmly in the past. But our answers to the questions are simply: The […]

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