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Workers Who Refuse to Return to Work: What You Can Do and How to Respond

You may have read our recent post on What to Do With Employees During COVID-19 Crisis where we address questions around using PPP funds for employees, what to do with unemployment claims & how to manage employees during this crisis. If you haven’t read it yet, we recommend doing so first! However, since posting, we’ve […]


This Is Why It’s Not Too Late to Get Thousands in PPP & EIDL $$$

We know you’re frustrated – we are too. But if you’re a gym or fitness studio, please read this blog closely. This may be your final opportunity to obtain thousands of dollars in PPP and EIDL funds (or to be next in line if they are refunded at a later time).   If you’d rather […]


More PPP Funding is Coming. Act Now and Get Thousands $$$

We’re not pitching accounting services today, hell, you might not be open next month if you don’t get some cash coming in. Today, we’re getting you money from the next round of PPP funding so you can keep your business open. Do you want to keep fighting and keep your business alive? Then read on […]


Questions Answered Around Economic Injury Disaster Loans & Paycheck Protection Program

More Questions Answered Around Economic Injury Disaster Loans & Paycheck Protection Program A lot of questions have come up regarding the new Government CARES Act and how it applies to gyms, boxes, yoga, barre and cycling studios. Today we’re answering 18 of your questions about the government bailout Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Impact […]


What to Do with Your Fitness Employees: Unemployment and the Paycheck Protection Program

  As business owners, employees are high on the list of our concerns. For many of us, employees are like family; we work, sweat, and play together. So how do we treat our extended family during COVID-19? And what can we do to ensure they can provide for their families during these unprecedented times, while […]


Final-ish Guidance on Free Bailout Money for Your Gym or Fitness Business

  Final guidance on the Paycheck Protection Program is here at this link. It was released Thursday, April 2 around 7pm ET. We have no resources or educators guiding us on this short timeline. Please note it is also called “Interim Final Rule” which is a bit of an oxymoron. Is it final, or it […]


Bailout Money Q&A for the Paycheck Protection Program PPP

Bailout Money Q&A for the Paycheck Protection Program                    UPDATES have been made to the Paycheck Protection Program as of April 2, 2020 – Read Updated Q&A Here.      We also did a second round of 18 Q&A’s you can read here: Government Bailouts, PPP & […]


Everybody Gets a Bailout! Which One is Best for Gym & Fitness Business Owners?

Follow us on YouTube and click to watch Eric discuss the topic here!   The original title of this article was “Which Government CARES Act Pays You The Most? With Downloadable Decision Matrix” but I think we did a much better job with the ode to the woman, the myth, the legend, Oprah herself – […]


Rent Abatement Guide With a Full Downloadable Script

 Follow us on YouTube and click to watch Eric discuss the topic here!   “Hope is not a strategy, action will be rewarded” Vince Lombardi paraphrased by David C Baker   Welcome back to The Fitness CPA’s Covid-19 series. If you missed last week’s video and/or blog, you can check out what we recommend […]


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2 thoughts on “Rent Abatement Guide With a Full Downloadable Script

  1. Samantha says:

    Great presentation!
    As owners of a smaller fitness facility we found your suggestions incredibly helpful when we approached our Landlord regarding rent relief. Thank you. I was hoping to get your thoughts on the following. You had mentioned “The Road Ahead after COVID-19” and I was wondering if you had any suggestions/recommendations on including a COVID-19 specific inclusion on a Liability Waiver?

    • Eric Killian says:

      Hi Samantha, thank you for the kind words. Great question and thanks for your patience while we took so long to get back to you. Yes, definitely want to get COVID19 included on the liability waiver. Your insurance agent should have all the verbiage ready for you. Additionally, I would be leary of rushing to reopen. Let the other businesses test the waters. If you’ve been closed this long, what’s another 2+ weeks? The reward of opening right away may far outweigh the risk of transmitting COVID19 to your center’s members.

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