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Gyms & Vaccinations: Your Top Questions Answered

gyms and covid vaccines

Today’s guest post is by The Fitness CPA’s recommended human resources company, ERG HR.  If you haven’t yet heard of ERG for fitness HR services, we strongly recommend you check them out! Most fitness business leaders don’t have the time or expertise to properly manage HR compliance. ERG created a simple framework that combines people […]

Gyms Will Rebound in 2021

Gyms Will Rebound in 2021_The Fitness CPA

What a year it was. As we turn the corner into 2021, the lingering question on every gym owner’s mind is: what happens next? Will virtual workouts rule the world? Or are gym goers aching to get back into their in-person gym routine? We’re here to share the good news: the fitness industry is getting […]

PPP Round 2.0 $$$ and More Government Help That You Deserve

PPP 2.0 Everything you need to know

No fluffy introduction here. You know the deal. If you’re here then you’re a fitness business that needs the skinny on how the new tax bill impacts your business and how to get the most upside from it. So, let me give you the need-to-know info without all the confusing details. Skip ahead to a […]

Adding COVID-19 To Your Gym Liability Waiver

covid liability waiver for gyms

You may remember the guys over at NEXO Fitness Solutions from a previous blog post when we spoke about small changes that add up to big changes in a fitness business. They are our go-to experts for everything insurance and equipment financing, with decades of experience focused purely in the fitness industry. Today, they are […]

PPP: Why You Shouldn’t Complete the Forgiveness Application


We’ve had several clients ask recently about the PPP loan forgiveness application. When are applications due? Have I missed the application form? Can The Fitness CPA complete it? We can understand the urge to put the rollercoaster of the Paycheck Protection Program firmly in the past. But our answers to the questions are simply: The […]

75 Questions About PPP, EIDL & Surviving COVID-19 As a Gym or Fitness Studio

75 questions EIDL, PPP & getting through COVID19 for Gyms

We recently hosted a roundtable webinar with Club Industry over on their platform about surviving COVID-19 as a fitness business owner, which government funds to use, how to create new revenue streams and more. Since the webinar, we’ve received over 70 questions by listeners wanting more information about their own financial situations or post-COVID-19 outlooks […]

Finally… The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (Explained)

Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 Explained

First off, this post is about the changes to the PPP program in the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 only. If you want a full breakdown of the PPP program please check out other blogs which go into much more detail. Second, we understand you are frustrated, and the changes are two months […]

Building a Virtual Community With Competitors… Here’s Why & How You Should Do It Now.

The COVID-19 crisis is throwing a wrench in all of our lives. Let’s be honest, it’s kicking our butts. As Jason and Greg from Thriveal mention, unless you’re in the toilet paper manufacturing business, your business is taking a wiping right now. And it’s not just our businesses, but our personal lives and mental well-being […]