Diary of a CPA’s First Cyclebar Class – What You Can Take Away from My Experience

cycle bar victory

First, know this. We love working out with our people.

Last week, I went to my first cycling class at Cyclebar Fort Collins.

I’ve taken part in all kinds of fitness classes such Pilates, Crossfit, HIIT, and every level of yoga. To be completely honest, I can’t believe it has taken me this long to try out this type of class.

Over on our team page, you’ll see that we’re all fitness freaks in one way or another. It’s important to all of us, and it’s part of the reason we build such a bond with our clients. We get what you do and where you’re going – and we love being a part of it, whether we’re talking RPM or COGS.

Getting to work out with our clients, take their classes, and be motivated by them to achieve our own personal goals is something unique to our niche, and quite frankly, awesome.

I’ll try most of my client’s fitness offerings, especially if they are enthusiastic about. You’ll see as you read through this blog post, I may have hesitations, but I’ll always try it*

* Disclaimer: That being said, on my way to the Cyclebar class I had a call with a prospect who runs a naked yoga studio. Great person, and we’ll certainly work with him (and anyone who matches our values). However, in the words of Meat Loaf:

I will do anything for love (of fitness), but I won’t do that!

Back to Cyclebar.


When self-doubt creeps in

Clients often come to us with hesitations, doubts, and fears about what it’s like to work with a new CPA. Sharing what’s most important to you with someone new can be scary. We get it, and we’re used to having those conversations at The FCPA.

No doubt you’re used to having those types of conversations with your members too. Working through the fear that comes with making a big change and getting to the heart of what really matters to them.

When I was on my way to the Cyclebar class, I was definitely having one of those conversations with myself.

I’m ten minutes away thinking:

“I could just not do this. I’m tired. I have a new baby. I’m traveling this weekend. Nobody will even notice.”

All good excuses, but all excuses nonetheless. I was in the car already. I had the gear on. I had to wrestle with the self-doubt and second-guessing that always comes with doing something hard or something new.

You’ve just gotta pull into the parking lot

“Get past those thoughts of excuses and pull into the parking lot”.

That’s what I told myself, and so that’s what I did.

And I’m glad I did, because everything that followed is a testament to why we work with the people we do.


cycle bar bike


When I walked in (with 5 minutes to go), I was greeted with a smile and with instant reassurance. Everything was prepped for success. I was given the shoes I needed to clip into the bike pedals and there was a towel waiting for me on my bike. Sydnie had even emailed me the night before to ask me my favorite kind of music – the Foo Fighters was playing when I entered the room. If that’s not understanding your customers, I don’t know what is!

cycle clip shoes

Sydnie leads the Cyclebar classes in Fort Collins and is a much-loved client of ours. She’s everything we think of at the Fitness CPA when we talk about the kind of people that match our values. She has energy, she’s endlessly positive, and she’s switched on to her business and what her members need and want.

In addition, she’s a great leader. Up on the stage in front of us all, Sydnie was like Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, giving us an impassioned pep talk before leading us into battle. I didn’t know what I was about to face, but I knew she had my back.

cycle bar gym


Going into battle

To get a real picture of the Cyclebar experience, and how it relates to you – here’s exactly how it went down:

0-10 minutes: This is great! I’m loving the atmosphere. Sidney is awesome. This group of people is awesome.

11 minutes: I wonder how long this class is? Just keep going Eric.

12 minutes: I hope this is the 40-minute class and not the 60 minute one. I can feel the lactic acid in my legs.

The beat kicks in. I get pumped up and for a couple of minutes, I lose track of time.

18 minutes: I’m getting into a rhythm, this feels good. The music is helping. I’m standing up on the bike.  This is hard, but the team is keeping me going.

20-40 minute – midway contemplation: At this point, it’s meditative. We’re going anywhere from 68 revolutions per minute (RPM) to 120, but you settle into a relaxed mindset. You know, the kind of mindset where you can solve some big life stuff.

40 minutes: Okay, are we getting ready to wind down? Oh, shoot. This is the 60-minute class, isn’t it?

Sydnie rallies us a final time:  “Don’t leave here wishing you had done more.”

60 minutes: We did it! I feel so refreshed, energized and proud of myself. I can’t wait until I can do this again.

cycle bar bike

What I learned from Cyclebar that we can all apply

There’s always something to take away from new experiences. When I try a new fitness class or come across a business model that’s successful, I’ll always look for the most valuable takeaways for our fitness clients. But I run a business too, so really I’m thinking about the teachings we can all take home.

Here’s what I noticed about Cyclebar:

They stay in their lane

Cyclebar is Cyclebar. The clue is in the name. They’re not trying to be a jack of all trades – they’ve mastered one. They know who they are and what they offer. But it means they also know their audience.

Niching down to one specialism means you can put your all into it. Having that focus can help you price right and price consistently. It might even help you create merchandise and branded gear for extra revenue. (We talk more about these revenue boosters in our 8 Proven Ways to Boost Revenue Guide – read it if you haven’t already).

Their attention to detail

cycle bar stats

The friendly face at the front desk. The shoes ready to go. The towel on the bike. Sidney’s enthusiasm. This kind of consistent next-level service will bring members back. Building up a sense of community and creating an atmosphere is almost as fundamental as finding the space and buying the bikes. First impressions are important, and the first impression at Fort Collins blew me away. I can’t wait to go back for the next session.

New member follow up and email drips

Before I was even home from class I had an email with the playlist from the class.  The song that got me amped up? Now I can listen to it any time. I also got my stats about burning 483 calories and my class rank of 20 out of 23.  I beat three people, go Eric! And then a week later I received some updates about the studio’s anniversary party and about joining.

All of these follow-ups are vital to convert new first time visitors to recurring members.  And we all know how important conversion rates are to fitness businesses. A lot of the follow-ups can be automated with technology like Infusionsoft and Hirefrederick.  We also like to see our clients implement text calling campaigns during a new member’s introductory offer period to check-in and make sure they are getting all your studio has to offer.


cyclebar scoreboard



Have you tried anything new lately?

So there it is. I’ve shared it all – the good, the bad and the sweaty.

If you’re in the Fort Collins area, I recommend getting down to Cyclebar 100%. Maybe I’ll even see you there.

What about you? Have you tried anything new lately? Got any new classes we should know about? What lessons did you learn about your business?

Give us the lowdown.

As long as it’s not naked yoga.

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