5 Reasons Fitness Business Owners Aren’t Working With Us (Yet)

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If you’re reading this right now, one of two things is true:

  1. You’ve contacted us with an inquiry already
  2. You’re browsing our content and wondering whether to reach out

You’ve dipped your toes in the water. Whether you’re running back to the beach screaming or you’re still there wading ankle-high and undecided, you’ve taken some first steps.

First off, props on getting this far…

Secondly, this toe-dipping tells us in some way (whether big or small) you want something in your business or your life to change. 

We work with fitness business owners day in and day out. Over the years, we’ve come to know how you operate. We’ve written a bunch of blogs about the things that matter to you. We’ve learned your behaviors.

Most of the time when we don’t hear from you, we know it’s due to one of five reasons.

So which sounds most familiar to you?

1. I’m just too busy

Back office stuff isn’t your top priority right now. Your focus is on your members. Making sure they’re having a good time and getting everything they need is a full time job. Spending time on a load of paperwork isn’t going to do that. Not to mention you’re starting at 5am in the gym, and trying not to be too late home to the family.

We celebrate the entrepreneurial mindset. We’re energized by your energy. But there’s a difference between being busy and being productive (we hate paperwork too, who doesn’t?). It’s the reason we use and recommend Xero and Dropbox. By spending less time on the accounting stuff, you can spend more time talking with your members, thinking up marketing ideas, and doing what you love.

2. I think I’ve found someone else

Here’s what that usually looks like:

You know someone who can hook you up – a family member, a friend, a friend-of-a-friend, a friend’s brother’s cousin.
You might choose another CPA or bookkeeper
You might just stick with what you’ve got 

Based on our experience with these situations, here’s what we have seen:

When someone is hooking you up: It’s always a little too good to be true, isn’t it? We understand because we’ve been there. Have you?

You hire a friend to help you with your house repairs. They have enough experience and it’s going to save you money you don’t have. Then the job starts. You have to rush out and buy a few (small but expensive) tools they’re missing. You agreed Wednesday, but they don’t show up until Friday. It all turns into a bigger headache than you anticipated.  

Remember that ‘nothing is ever really free’.

When you’re thinking about another CPA or a bookkeeper:  If you’ve found another CPA that you really like – that’s great! We really hope they’re going to be the perfect fit. You want a CPA that really understands what it’s like to run a fitness business, so ask yourself: Are they niche specific?  Do they understand the nuances of running a fitness business?  Are they a personality/values match for you?

The same rules apply if your thinking of going down the bookkeeper-only route. A bookkeeper, efficient as they may be, will be limited in what they can offer you. The key to business growth is in the analysis and strategic direction that comes from the numbers, and for that, you’ll need a CPA.

If you’re thinking of sticking to what you already know: Freaking out because there are too many considerations like effort, cost and will the new CPA be worse?  Thinking about just sticking with your current CPA?

We make changing accountants easier than you might think.  When you change accounting firms, CPAs are required to send you the information you need to get your business changed over.  In fact, it’s as easy as 1… well, that’s it actually. Just sign one form and we’ll contact your old CPA and take care of the rest so you don’t have to have that awkward goodbye.

Within one month, we will have had a kickoff meeting, processed payroll, delivered financial statements, and dug deep on all things fitness.  It’s our job to “Add Value” to your fitness business every month so you know that your investment with us is a good one. Together, we’ll tackle your cash flow concerns and hone in on issues that are preventing your fitness business from growing, being profitable, and help you fix them.

3. I’m not sure The Fitness CPA is the right fit for me

You know what? We’re never going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. You know what else? Being able to identify that early on is great for both of us. There could be several reasons why we’re not the right fit for you. You might be looking for a local firm, or a CPA who will come to you. Virtual work might not be your preference. You might love Quickbooks and not be interested in looking at Xero. You might not be keen on the way we work. Our tone, voice and style might not gel with you. Whatever it is, we’re not offended, and we wish you the best of luck in finding your lobster.

phoebe lobster quote

4. I’m not ready for change

That’s all of us, right? Change is scary. Our brains want us to stay nice and safe and warm inside our comfort zone. Think for a minute about your members and what you teach them. If you want to shift the weight, build muscle, get stronger – something has to change. Change can actually be a wonderful thing, but to get to the wonderful stage, you have to shake things up a little.

We appreciate that big change is overwhelming. We’re interested in an evolution, not a revolution. Sometimes big steps are needed, but often it’s the small steps over time that amount to big change. We don’t have to completely overhaul your business. We could change 20% of your process and get 80% of results.

5. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

You dipped your toe in the water, but now you’re looking back at the beach thinking ‘things actually look pretty good back there’. You’re edging away thinking:

There’s no real issue in the business yet
We’re depositing most of our money
The government has only sent us one warning
We’ve only had one IRS audit, next year we might be okay
We’re a little broken, but not totally
My current accountant gives me the answers I need some of the time
We just need to get through this next phase and then maybe

You’re not ready yet. So take advantage of all our free advice until you’re ready to invest in your own success story. Read our 8 Proven Ways to Boost Revenue Guide and then take a look at our blog.

Whichever stage you’re at right now, take action.

Whether you’re ready to commit, or just want to ask us the questions that are holding you back.

You’ve got this.

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