Facebook Q&A: PPP and EIDL for Fitness Businesses

We recently posted this article on Why It’s Not Too Late to Get Thousands from EIDL & PPP and got hundreds of questions and comments from our fans on Facebook. With the lack of guidance surrounding the funding EIDL & PPP – we get it. There are a lot of questions.

So, we’ve listed the best questions we received and their answers, below.

We’re answering:


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Eric Killian

CPA & Founder | Accountant, husband, father, mountaineer.
Fitness is such a big part of who I am. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating well (mostly paleo), hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, practicing yoga and Crossfit are all important cornerstones of life. But I love ice cream and cookies too much to say no!
I love helping owners make sense of their business and finding ways to grow it. It’s an honor to help you see situations, scenarios and opportunities from all sides so you can make informed decisions.

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