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How-to Preserve Cash Flow… Or What’s Left Of It


 Follow us on YouTube and click to watch Eric discuss the topic here!   This is the first in a special COVID-19 series of blogs and videos to help our clients and other fitness business owners through these difficult times. First and foremost, our heart goes out to all closed fitness facilities, and most […]

How Small Routine Checks Can Improve Your Fitness Business

Improve Fitness Studio with Small Changes

We recently did a webinar with Nexo Insurance Services, an insurance company with decades of experience focused purely in the fitness industry.  We discussed what fitness businesses can do to improve their business from both an insurance and accounting point of view. Insurance & accounting… riveting, we know! The webinar sparked a few interesting topics, […]

Managing Employee Costs as a Fitness Business Owner

Managing Employee Costs in Fitness Business

 Follow us on YouTube and click to watch Eric discuss the topic here!   Maybe you are interested in opening a studio and don’t know where to start, we can help you before you make the mistakes. Or maybe, you’ve been running your fitness business quite successfully for some time now. You’ve run a […]

Where is All the Money Going in Your Fitness Business?

The Fitness CPA_Improving Fitness Business Revenue

Follow us on YouTube and click to watch Eric discuss the topic here!   While your fitness business may be surviving you might be asking yourself, “where is all my money going at the end of the day?” “As hard as I work, shouldn’t I have some money left over after paying the bills?” “I’m […]

What Gym Retail Can Mean For Your Fitness Business

If you opened this page expecting to read a convincing case for why you should open a retail space at your gym, we might disappoint. It turns out retail business – especially gym retail business – is hard. Burpees at the end of a long training session hard.   We’re going to be real with […]

10 Reasons Not to Open a Fitness Studio

People open fitness studios for a variety of reasons, but they often aren’t the right ones. Here are 10 reasons why it might not be the right fit for you. 1. You think a fitness business will make you rich. It might also make you go broke. 2. You love training clients. You might teach […]